The 3-Day Detox is a juice cleanse for the wellness-inspired. It's a carefully crafted step-by-step guide for
those looking to achieve a hot body and radiant beauty by using food as medicine + cleansing as a healthy
lifestyle practice

In addition to offering a fun, engaging experience and sharing methods for detoxifying your body and psyche,
I provide you with timeless tips for self-care, eating well for the long-term and working through the
inevitable urges and cravings that appear during a cleanse.

The plan for the detox is simple: you'll follow a three-day juicing program that emphasizes balancing
the pH of the body with lush whole foods, nourishing organic green drinks and scrumptious cleansing
juice blends while incorporating daily practices that create real, positive change in your life.
No prior experience necessary!

Vixi is Latin for “to come alive.” And that’s precisely what the 3-Day Detox is here to do — to help you come fully alive.

But the truth is that detoxifying your body with a diet that heightens your spiritual vibration isn’t easy — because
there’s more in the mix than simply changing what you put in your mouth. You're guided through a belief shift,
a lifestyle realignment, and a complete recalibration of your self-care commitment. 

But it’s worth it. Beyond worth it. Because when when we clear away all the chatter + clutter, we realize something incredible: 
Coming fully alive is our only true responsibility, in this lifetime.

This makes the 3-Day Detox a must for all who seek to improve their health, reverse aging, drop pounds
and get rid of toxins in their body
through a meaningful and deeply transformative experience.

Common Benefits of Juicing & Cleansing Include:



A typical day on the detox:

Note: during the actual detox the schedule will include ideal times for each practice and meal,
specific recipes and more details on the 'why' and 'how-to' of each practice.
Upon rising
Salt water flush
Enjoy a drink that stimulates your digestive system and hydrates your tissues
20-35 minutes of exercise
16 to 20 ounces of green juice
Mid-morning pick-me-up (if you need more fuel)
16 to 20 ounces of an organ-specific cleansing juice
16-20 ounces of green juice 
Also take a 2-4 ounce shot of wheatgrass (if possible)
Afternoon Snack
16-20 ounces of organ-specific cleansing juice
Dinner (optional)
If you’re feeling content, just let your digestive system take the night off. 
If you’re wanting more nourishment, 16-20 ounces of green juice
Before Bed:
Epsom salt bath & dry brushing OR sauna OR steam room
Retire to bed no later than 10 p.m. Get your eight hours of beauty sleep.



What's included & what does it cost?



Is this for me?


The 3-Day Detox

IS perfect FOR YOU
If you're...
  • Committed to having a REAL, honest relationship — with yourself — and you’re willing to practice and stretch yourself to make it happen
  • 100% certain that Ashley and her style is an excellent fit to help you create the results and satisfaction you desire
  • Self-motivated, resourceful and fast to implement
  • Committed to taking consistent action and being responsible for your own results
  • Someone who welcomes a challenge
  • Open to new experiences and improving your physical & mental health and well-being
  • Ambitious and willing to do what it takes to live an extraordinary life

The 3-Day Detox

IS not FOR YOU (at least not right now)
If you're...
  • Looking for a magic pill to fix your problems
  • Not clear what you want
  • Often negative or blaming outside circumstances for your results
  • Have trouble making decisions or need constant hand-holding
  • Unwilling or unable to participate in moderate physical activity
  • Convinced that “nothing ever works,” that everything is “so complicated,” and that the resources you legitimately need are “too expensive”
  • Cynical about the connection between mind, body and spirit


How Does It Work?

As soon as you purchase the 3-Day Detox you get instant access to the download files. You don't have to
wait for anything in the mail, so this means you could head to the grocery store today with your 3-Day Detox
grocery list and start looking and feeling better immediately.

The guidebook seamlessly walks you through each day of the detox, providing daily schedules,
recipes and checklists.

If you have any questions before, during or after the detox, just send a quick email and I will personally get
back to you within 24 hours or less.


Proof That The 3-Day Detox Works

Easy For a Newbie to Juicing & Cleansing
"This detox is exceptionally well-prepared! It has a very easy-to-comprehend and detailed action plan that made the process simple for me as a newbie to both juicing and cleansing."

Joseph Chlubna | Owner of Coastal Lifestyles Health and Fitness 

Very Accessible Program to Follow
"I signed up for the 3-Day Detox because I needed to flush out some stuck energy! I was thrilled with the results of weight loss, revved up energy, great sleep, cleared complexion, better communication with my body and new self-care practices, but the most impactful moment came on Monday afternoon after the detox when a friend said "Wow, you look great! Your skin is glowing!" Ashley knows her stuff, and she has made it a very accessible program to follow."

                                       Solara Goldwynn | Student at University of Victoria

More Focused & Healthy
"The detox was really fun and I felt soo much more focused and healthy."

Georgia Purcell | Model, Actress, Musician

So Excited About Feeling Lighter & Losing Weight
"I decided to try the 3-Day Detox because I wanted to feel and look healthier. I wanted to nourish my body and try something I've never done before. After the detox finished I was so excited about feeling lighter and losing weight. I learned a lot about using food to heal my body and can even continue doing some of the self-care practices on a daily basis."

Jessica Alickolli | Receptionist at Elite Natural Therapy

My Favorite Cleanse
"I have done other cleanses and detoxes before but yours was by far my favorite. It was easy and I was not hungry. I definitely have added some new rituals to my life and continue to juice and promote your business within my own health and wellness business."

Jenn Nelsen | Yoga Coach

Wonderful Tool That I Will Be Sure to Revisit Time & Time Again
"All of the juices were delicious and satisfying. I noticed on the first day that I became hungry around the time I was due for a juice and the juice satisfied that hunger! It was so nice to let my digestive system rest for a few days, to finally actually go through with the detox, and now I'm wondering why I didn't do it sooner! Along with yoga, meditation, warm baths, oil massages, and quiet time, it was just what I needed to move through this time of transition. I am noticing that I am not having any cravings either, except for good, wholesome, nourishing food and endless happiness. Thank you for this wonderful tool that I will be sure to revisit time and time again."

                                       Jamie Beranek | Yoga Teacher



Karma-Friendly, 100% Risk-Free Guarantee

I'm here to support you in being the best version of yourself, mentally, physically & spiritually. This means that I firmly stand
behind the integrity and value of every single offering here at So much so, that I offer a money back guarantee for
up to 30 days after the purchase date.

If, for whatever reason, you decide you're unhappy with what you've purchased and learned, please contact me (with proof
of purchase) for a refund. I'll cheerfully do everything in my power to make things right.

I'm here only to serve the customers that are the best match with me and my products.



It's Time

Are you ready for an experience that provides an opportunity to live into vibrant health and well-being naturally?

If so, the 3-Day Detox is exactly the catalyst you need to thrive - and you can start right now.

As you know, the total product value is $275, but it's yours for a minimal $25 investment.

If you have any questions regarding the program, please check out the FAQ page or write

I'd be honored to work with you and support your radiance inside and out.