Aug 16, 2017


No bed to make, no dishes to clean, no stuff to put away and no work to be done can only mean one beautiful thing....


You know the feeling of waking up in a place where your needs are taken care of and your wants are anticipated so all you have to do is relax and get comfortable.

We all love that feeling and can learn so much about how to create that experience for our own house guests by taking note of the services and amenities hotels provide when we're away.

I love making my guests feel at home when they stay with me and in today's post I'm sharing the top 12 tips for hosting guests I picked up from my vacation to Napa Valley last week. 


1. An extra blanket.

No matter the season, give your guests the option of using a blanket for cozying up and staying warm.

2. Drinking water.

It could be a carafe and glasses placed by the bed or a couple of water bottles. Help them stay hydrated and relax.

3. A spare set of house keys.

Give them a set of keys on a keychain so they can come and go as they please.

4. The wifi password.

Write it down or frame it. Don't make them ask.

5. An easy place to charge devices.

Don't make your guests move furniture to charge their devices. If you don't have an outlet readily accessible get an extension cord or power strip.

6. Local travel info.

Have a few local magazines and guidebooks with interesting activities for people visiting from out of town. You could also offer menus from a handful of your favorite restaurants in varying price ranges. 

7. A spare toothbrush and disposable razors.

Buy a multipack and stock up. Someone will eventually need it. We all know how easy it is to forget these little details when leaving for a trip.

8. Reading material.

Choose some of your favorite coffee table books or something with lots of pictures guests can flip through when they have a few extra minutes or are relaxing in bed.

9. Fresh flowers or a plant.

You can cut some from your yard, buy a small bunch or place a houseplant in the room which will certainly let guests know you're happy they're here. 

10. Bandages and simple first aid.

Keep them in a spot that's easy to locate so they don't have to dig through drawers.

11. A small welcome gift.

I love to have a good local or undeniably delicious chocolate bar or other small gift waiting for my guests when they arrive. It's thoughtful and goes a long way in making them feel welcome and comfortable. 

12. Hangers.

Most guests will pack a couple of nice outfits for their trip. Make it easy for them to unpack and hang them up right away.


Now, I’d love to hear from you. In the comments below, let me know what tips you have for hosting house guests.

Thank you SO very much for being here. Your comments and shares are everything to me!

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