My Philosophy

This might upset you.
It might surprise you.
Or, it could unlock you.

Eating is not just about putting things in your mouth that taste good.
And it's not just about fueling your cells with the requisite number of calories.
Eating is a sacred act of healing — an act of self-love.
Or rather, it can be.
If you let it. If you want it.
If you're up for the challenge.

When we begin to treat food as raw medicine, our kitchen becomes an ashram, a clinic, and a laboratory for one. Every meal is an experiment in balance, prevention, restoration and love. We become adventurous physicians + conscious crusaders — crafting each meal with complete appreciation.

A dash of cinnamon, for heat + hope.
A cup of lemon + ginger tea, to soothe a sore throat.
Raw cacao truffles, to welcome the full moon.
Dandelions + nettles, to harmonize with June.

When we eat what we need, we come fully alive.
We vibrate. We radiate. We can’t help but inspire.
Our cravings become messengers, instead of destroyers.
Our creativity soars high — with energy to burn.
Our compassion runs deep — and cannot be stopped.

When we come fully alive, we become living medicine.
Healing the people we love, simply by sharing ourselves, a story, a practice — or a meal.

This is my philosophy. It can be yours, too.
And if you're ready to begin . . .
. . . you already know what to do.