I truly love what I do, so I'm immensely grateful and deeply humbled by all of the loving comments I receive from clients, students, readers and fans (Have a story or testimonial you'd like to share with me? Click here). The following are a few kind words + thanks...

Changed My Life
"I wanted to thank you so much for everything. I completed the cleanse last night and feel like it's changed my life. I didn't think I could be strong enough to only drink juice for 5 days but I did it! I used to be a girl who HAD to have dessert after dinner, who couldn't listen to her body and would usually eat until I was uncomfortably full. This was such a journey for me and I have already planned to schedule in your self care practices from the cleanse into my daily life. I'm also continuing to have juice daily and plan on doing another mini juice cleanse during the holiday season. I have and will continue to recommend your program to everyone I know." 

                                       Falcon Griffith | Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer

Manageable For Someone On The Go
"What a life changing experience! Ashley has designed a program that is manageable for someone on the go, yet incredibly powerful and impactful. Throughout the entire process, I felt like I had the tools and support to get the most out of the cleanse. This program, unlike many others that I've researched, was not about a quick way to lose weight or feel better, but was part of total physical, emotional and mental cleanse and the entire program supported that goal. I felt very safe going into it, knowing that I was part of a community that was working to better themselves. This was such a great experience and I plan to participate again!"

                                       Arden Schuman | Assistant Director of Employer Relations

Feel Clean From The Inside Out
"I love how this cleanse forces me to slow down and take care of myself. I'm a stay-at-home + work from home Mom and usually I'm too busy taking care of my family and work obligations that I neglect myself. Now, after going through the cleanse I feel clean from the inside out. I experienced mental clarity, a general sense of calm, and I feel so proud of myself for taking time out to take care of me and sticking to it. I learned how often I use food and drinks (coffee mainly) to make myself feel better emotionally, and now realizing that I don't need those "quick fixes" if I'm taking care of myself."

                                       Jen Gunderson | Graphic Designer

Found Joy In This Experience
"For years I've struggled, literally battled with food. I love exercise, but the food part always felt 'hard' and I'd diet and binge, and diet and binge. In the past three days on the cleanse, I found joy in the experience. It was like I was finally able to walk away and unjudgmentally look at the one thing that has continued to be an enemy in my life. To say 'no thanks' to something that I used to feel powerless toward. To see the true nutrients my body needs don't even necessarily require FOOD. AMAZING. I have an over-whelming sense of calm and peace today. I'm asking myself, "have some of these foods been the sole source of my anxiety all-along?!" because I really feel more peace on this day than I have felt all year." 

                                       Jamie Jaggers | Military


Enjoyed It On So Many Levels
"Ashley, I just wanted to say thank you so much for this experience, I enjoyed it in so many levels." 

Sofia Perkins 

I Lost 10 Pounds
"I was interested in signing up for the 5-Day Juice Cleanse because I am seeking to be medication free and believed the 5-Day Cleanse would help me move forward with my quest. During the process I had a really impactful experience where I realized there were not just the toxins that were stuck in my body. I became aware I was stuck emotionally as well. After I worked through this process and completed the cleanse I felt lighter physically, mentally & emotionally. I was also excited when I discovered I lost 10 pounds!"

                                       LaMarse A. Webb | Fitness Specialist

Lighter, Stronger & New Self-Care Routines
"I wanted to feel lighter and cleaner as I am approaching retirement - the start of a new chapter. Now my body feels lighter, stronger and I have added some new things to my self-care routine like starting the morning out with warm water, lemon and cayenne, body brushing, tongue scraping, meditation and yoga. To top it all off I lost weight and have a heightened sense of intuition and what my body needs." 

April Calouri | Former Executive Director

A Fresh Start Opportunity
"In spite of being involved in the Health and Wellness Industry, I found myself in a place where I knew it was time to pay attention to my needs. I was feeling sluggish, tired...basically in need of a re-boot. The cleanse proved to be a fresh start opportunity for me. I was excited about how motivated, enthusiastic and joyful I felt as I slipped back into my healthy, happy self once more. I'd missed her for quite some time. I LOVED the ritualistic nature of the week. It felt wonderful to attend to myself in such a self nurturing and honoring way."

                                       Shaleen Hill | Personal Trainer

Increased Knowledge Of Using Food To Heal My Body
"I signed up for the cleanse because my body felt congested. Afterwards I had revved up energy, diminished aches and pains, improved self-image, a feeling of lightness, heightened intuition, better communication with my body, increased knowledge about using food to heal my body, new self-care practices and I even lost weight."

Jackie | Artist

Super Clear Skin
"I wanted to lose a few pounds initially. I'm so happy I stuck to my commitment because after I finished up the cleanse my skin was super clean, I lost four pounds, and I felt a sense of clarity and contentment I hadn't experienced for a long time."

Anna Sheinman | Founder of Stream of Life Yoga

My Relationship With Food & My Body Changed For The Better
"Through the course of the cleanse my relationship with food and my body changed for the better. Your support and updates were super - not overbearing. There is something behind the tone of your words that makes me believe there is a real person on the other end of the emails and updates. I will also probably start my day with large amounts of lemon water for the rest of my life. Thank you."

Amy Dauer  

A Mom With More Energy & Healthier Skin 
"I have been pregnant or nursing for the past 14 years and my body has been through a lot was in great need of some attention and nurturing. It was great to have the support of Ashley and her cleanse laid out before me to follow. I have always had a hard time with sticking to a cleanse because it was too hard to do all the work myself, but Ashley took all the guess work out of it for me. After the cleanse I had more energy than I have had in years and my skin looked healthier. Even my eyes seemed to look brighter. The way I felt and looked had me so excited that I continued the cleanse for a few more days." 

                                       Vicki Sperry | Mom 

Let Go Of Bad Sugar Habits 
"I thought a cleanse might help me let go of some bad sugar habits, heal my knee injuries faster, improve my skin and help in dealing with some past emotional scars. With the 5-Day Juice Cleanse I experienced weight loss, diminished aches and pains, better communication with my body, increased knowledge about using food to heal my body and increased energy at times. In a single word I'd say the cleanse was worthwhile." 

Jodi Evans | Yoga Teacher 

Feeling More Clear & Inspired 
"I have had this acne for almost a year...the same annoying area around my jaw. plus my place of employment is toxic and I needed some spiritual guidance. The 5-Day Juice Cleanse helped me feel more clear and inspired me to take on my work without letting the toxicity get to me. I also lost weight, had revved up energy, experienced better communication with my body and learned a lot about using food to heal." 

Andrea Burke | Art Teacher & Aspiring Health Coach 

An Adventure 
"I was aware that I needed to cleanse. Not for any particular health reason or symptom, but because I had never done it and I had 58 years worth of toxins/crap that had been accumulating inside of me. Both physically and mentally. And wow, was the 5-Day Juice Cleanse an adventure. I really enjoyed the variety of juices/flavors." 

Becky Feltmeyer | Reiki Master/Certified Life Coach 

Loved How Healthy I Felt During & After 
"I believe very strongly in the power of food to heal or hurt, and am currently struggling not only with my own health but with my son's allergies. I loved how healthy I felt during and after the cleanse and having the newfound knowledge that green juices and smoothies aren't really that hard! Plus the fact that I really wasn't hungry convinced me that I don't need as much of ANYTHING as I think I do. My bloated belly was gone - for the first time I can remember ever I had a flat stomach. I was also calmer and more patient with my kids. Having self-care practices explained and part of the cleanse was an unexpected bonus. I came to terms with the fact that I take better care of others when I spend some time on myself." 

                                       Heather Engel | Consultant

Easy For a Newbie to Juicing & Cleansing
"This detox is exceptionally well-prepared! It has a very easy-to-comprehend and detailed action plan that made the process simple for me as a newbie to both juicing and cleansing."

Joseph Chlubna | Owner of Coastal Lifestyles Health and Fitness 

Very Accessible Program to Follow
"I signed up for the 3-Day Detox because I needed to flush out some stuck energy! I was thrilled with the results of weight loss, revved up energy, great sleep, cleared complexion, better communication with my body and new self-care practices, but the most impactful moment came on Monday afternoon after the detox when a friend said "Wow, you look great! Your skin is glowing!" Ashley knows her stuff, and she has made it a very accessible program to follow."

                                       Solara Goldwynn | Student at University of Victoria

Deeper Connection to My Inner Body
"I'd never done a detox before and wanted to try it. Ashley seemed approachable, supportive, fun and "up my alley". It took a lot of discipline, but that was also the reason it was so good. When things got tricky I would stop, rest, stretch, do yoga, take baths, read, meditate, take a walk and go within. And that was priceless and awesome. I was thrilled about feeling a deeper connection to my inner body. When the detox ended I was excited about my change in perception about what I put in my mouth and how it goes through and affects my body. I learned new self-care practices, lost weight and experienced heightened senses and more compassion in general."

                                       Amy Beuttner | Owner of Amy Buettner Metalsmith

Wonderful Tool That I Will Be Sure to Revisit Time & Time Again
"All of the juices were delicious and satisfying. I noticed on the first day that I became hungry around the time I was due for a juice and the juice satisfied that hunger! It was so nice to let my digestive system rest for a few days, to finally actually go through with the detox, and now I'm wondering why I didn't do it sooner! Along with yoga, meditation, warm baths, oil massages, and quiet time, it was just what I needed to move through this time of transition. I am noticing that I am not having any cravings either, except for good, wholesome, nourishing food and endless happiness. Thank you for this wonderful tool that I will be sure to revisit time and time again."

                                       Jamie Beranek | Yoga Teacher


Opportunity To Really Listen To My Body
"As far as the whole experience, it was wonderful! It's been much more than just about eating raw. It gave me an opportunity to really listen to my body, take the time to respond to it, and dedicate some time each day to take care of myself. Aside from trying many interesting new recipes, two of the things I especially enjoyed about the Generosity Cleanse were the scheduling suggestions and the ideas for self-care. Ashley’s cleanse comes complete with daily schedules that are not overly prescriptive but actually very helpful in getting us into a healthy routine."

Maria Bardet | Pilates Instructor


Easy & Tasty Recipes
"My husband and I are enjoying your 5-day generosity cleanse and I love the ease of preparation of all your recipes! And, they are so tasty."

Cheryl Chaffee | Yoga Teacher 


 So Excited About Feeling Lighter & Losing Weight
"I decided to try the 3-Day Detox because I wanted to feel and look healthier. I wanted to nourish my body and try something I've never done before. After the detox finished I was so excited about feeling lighter and losing weight. I learned a lot about using food to heal my body and can even continue doing some of the self-care practices on a daily basis."

Jessica Alickolli | Receptionist at Elite Natural Therapy

Held and Supported
"I soo love how Ashley held us and supported us during this detox. I was very impressed with all the info she shared and the techniques she used." 

Ruby Hernandez | Ruby Moon Healing Arts

By Far My Favorite Cleanse
"I have done other cleanses and detoxes before but yours was by far my favorite. It was easy and I was not hungry. I definitely have added some new rituals to my life and continue to juice and promote your business within my own health and wellness business." 

Jenn Nelsen | Yoga Coach

My Skin Was Glowing
"I've heard so much about juicing and have been 'flirting' with vegan cooking in an effort to create a healthier life as I'm moving into my 50's. This cleanse was the perfect solution and gave my so many new recipes that use a lot of greens and actually tasted good! After I finished the detox I really noticed the difference in my skin. My skin was literally glowing."

Lauire Nixon | Data Coordinator

Unlocking Stuck Places
"Ashley is an impeccable, intelligent and sensitive coach. She was able to help me unlock several stuck places in my life both within the writing of a book I am working on and with the transitions I was facing with my 18 year old daughter. Her insightful inquiries and unique approach make her a valuable resource to anyone seeking transformation in their life."

Bree Luther | Writer, Leadership Coach, Facilitator and Creative Artist

No-nonsense Transformation
"Ashley brings clear and radiant brilliance to her coaching sessions. She’s a no-nonsense transformational coach and has the capacity to take her clients into deep, rich conversations that create not only self-realizations but also the momentum to self-actualize. I highly recommend Ashley to anyone truly committed to the life they say they want."
Dr. Rosie Kuhn | Author of Self-Empowerment 101, CEO and coach at The Paradigm Shifts Coaching Group

Wisdom & Compassion
"I can't emphasize enough how much I love your newsletter. It's filled with wisdom and compassion. It's really inspiring!"

Elisa Lionne | Dancer, Singer, Vegan

Immediate Changes In My Choices and Actions
"Ashley is pushing the creative boundaries of well-being. Once you read your first Vixi post, you will want more and see immediate changes in your choices and actions, igniting health, happiness and compassion. As a yoga teacher, I'm constantly trying to fill my jar with more awareness.  I'm a sweat building enthusiast so it is absolutely crucial for me to feed my body the nutrients it can properly use.  Vixi is a go to resource for me.  I can honestly say that I am continuously enlightened and motivated by every email and post that Ashley crafts. She keeps each reader in mind with her gentle way of taking you out of your funky, hopeless habits and into a life of day to day pleasure."

                                       Kellyn Johnson | Yoga Teacher

Made the Beginning of My Health Transformation Easier
"I really appreciate how you distill information down to core concepts. As a 36 year-old woman going through breast cancer treatment and seeking to make lifestyle changes, the guidance on your site has made the beginnings of my health transformation infinitely easier. Please keep doing what you're doing - I love it!"

Stephanie Bradley | Adolescent Drug Prevention Program Analyst, Painter, Gardener

Wholesome Recipes & Lifestyle Recommendations
"Since discovering this gem, I've completely enjoyed the information on Ashley shares such goodness with her wholesome recipes, lifestyle recommendations and informational articles all with grace, lightness and positivity."

Amber Allen Vorgang | Yoga Guide & Nutrition Consultant

Great Recipes & Remedies
"I have found some great recipes and remedies, as well as classic wisdom for living fully & joyously in each moment. It is absolutely heart-warming to read health tips I've been doing for thirty some years. So wonderful to have this available online! Thank you, Ashley!"

Nancy Long | Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Wonderful Asset to My Health Education
"I enjoy the newsletters and check ins you give, and every recipe I've tried has been delicious! I love to cook and eat and your mindful approach to health & nutrition is another wonderful asset to my education in doing so, and doing so well!"

Amy Buettner | Jeweler & Metalsmith

Healed Our Systems Beautifully
It is the highlight of my day to find mail from Vixi in my inbox. This is a personal thank you for sharing all your knowledge and support freely and openly with people from all over the world. It warms my soul to know there are people like you out there, whose main goal is to help people become healthier. My mom and I are big fans of your website, especially of your 1-Day Juice Cleanse which have healed our systems so beautifully. You are a great leader and healer.

                                       Roelien Steenkamp | Freelance Writer/ Editor

"During the Healthy Living Workshop I found that I do need to begin each week with a plan for what I'm going to prepare for meals throughout the week. The meal planner print-out made this very easy and exciting. If a friend or business comrade asked me to describe my experience with the Healthy Living Workshop in a single word, I'd say supportive." 

Becky Feltmeyer | Certified Life Coach/Reiki Master

Opened the Door to Another Way of Eating
"I have been following the Paleo Diet for 1 year, and while feeling better, I would still like to reduce the amount of Animal protein I eat on this diet to have less of an impact on the world. Your workshop opened the door to another way of eating. I gained strategies for listening to my body, actionable steps for making health a priority while I'm working, clear goals for eating habits, a basic understanding of how ayurveda can help "personalize" my diet and lifestyle and tons of new self-care practices that I'm actually going to do.

                                       Joyce Matthew | English Professor

Confidence, Actionable Steps & Clear Goals
"I was compelled to sign up for the Healthy Living Workshop because I feel like my healthy habits get lost when I get busy. After going through the videos and action sheets in the course I have more confidence, actionable steps for making health a priority while I'm working, clear goals for eating habits and a basic understanding of how ayurveda can help "personalize" my diet and lifestyle.

Jessica Zelenko | Server

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