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The Tea Room is a space designed for tea recipes, tea chat, information on growing your own tea garden, and more. The treasure of tea can open doors to both health and wisdom.

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Interested in using food as medicine and experiencing vibrant health by being more in tune with the seasons? Come learn about ayurveda and create a living medicine cabinet in your house.

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Want to know how to improve digestion, calm nerves, and generally cook with healing in mind? Find Ayurvedic recipes, get informed and inspired, then let the sweet aroma of food & spices begin to fill your kitchen.

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Get the raw food glow with these fabulous recipes. Eating a plant-based diet nourishes your body & spirit and sends your energy soaring. You can lose weights and feel great!

3-Day Detox

The 3-Day Detox is a must for all who seek to improve their health, reverse aging, drop pounds and get rid of toxins in their body.

The Generosity Cleanse

The Generosity Cleanse is a downloadable 5-day raw food cleanse that's infused with daily opportunities to practice generosity towards yourself and others.

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01 Aug

What is Ayurveda?

in interior design

Here are a few keywords that come up in Ayurveda over and over:
Using food as medicine. Preventative medicine. Five elements. Getting in tune with nature's rhythm. Body tissues. Bodily Channels. Digestion. Bodily systems. Cleansing. Relationships. Meditation. Tastes. Energy. Seasons.

19 Jun

Redefining the Eating Disorder Experience

in body & wellness

I want to let you in on the healing path behind my deepest darkest secret. I want everyone who has struggled with addiction and/or disorder to really listen to what I'm going to say. It's a radical way of thinking and it's not an interpretation that is widely accepted, but it's what's worked for me.

09 Jun

Health & Wellness: Tucson, AZ

in body & wellness
Hi Wellness Warrior. I've noticed lately I've been boxing myself into wellness labels like vegan, raw foodie, ayurvedic student, Anusara yogi and on and on. But, you know what?
06 Jun

The Secrets of Healthy Travel

in body & wellness
Plan ahead. Pack ahead.
Pack light. Leave room for spontenaity.
Be open. Set intentions.
28 Apr

Health & Wellness: Encinitas, CA

in body & wellness
Why hello kindred spirits. It's so amazing how much your experience of a place can shift when you're "looking out" for life-enhancing places to eat, shop, and exercise...or eat, pray, and love I suppose. I don't know about you, but I love life so much more when I treat myself to these types of experiences. We are what we eat and consume. There's no question about it.