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Edible wisdom. Vibrant realities. Right in your inbox.

Wisdom & Compassion
"I can't emphasize enough how much I love your newsletter. It's filled with wisdom and compassion. It's really inspiring!"

Elisa Lionne | Dancer, Singer, Vegan

Immediate Changes In My Choices and Actions
"Ashley is pushing the creative boundaries of well-being. Once you read your first Vixi post, you will want more and see immediate changes in your choices and actions, igniting health, happiness and compassion. Vixi is a go to resource for me. She keeps each reader in mind with her gentle way of taking you out of your funky, hopeless habits and into a life of day to day pleasure."

Kellyn Johnson | Yoga Teacher

Made the Beginning of My Health Transformation Easier
"I really appreciate how you distill information down to core concepts. As a 36 year-old woman going through breast cancer treatment and seeking to make lifestyle changes, the guidance on your site has made the beginnings of my health transformation infinitely easier. Please keep doing what you're doing - I love it!"

Stephanie Bradley | Adolescent Drug Prevention Program Analyst, Painter, Gardener

Wholesome Recipes & Lifestyle Recommendations
"Since discovering this gem, I've completely enjoyed the information on Vixi.com. Ashley shares such goodness with her wholesome recipes, lifestyle recommendations and informational articles all with grace, lightness and positivity."

Amber Allen Vorgang | Yoga Guide & Nutrition Consultant

Great Recipes & Remedies
"I have found some great recipes and remedies, as well as classic wisdom for living fully & joyously in each moment. It is absolutely heart-warming to read health tips I've been doing for thirty some years. So wonderful to have this available online! Thank you, Ashley!"

Nancy Long | Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Wonderful Asset to My Health Education
"I enjoy the newsletters and check ins you give, and every recipe I've tried has been delicious! I love to cook and eat and your mindful approach to health & nutrition is another wonderful asset to my education in doing so, and doing so well!"

Amy Buettner | Jeweler & Metalsmith


Edible wisdom. Vibrant realities. Right in your inbox.