Jun 20, 2017


Have you been looking for summer ideas and inspiration for your space?

As design lovers the shift from spring to summer is a not only a good excuse to change things up and give our space a refresh, but it's also the cue for being ready to accommodate our summer lifestyle.

If you're like me, you're envisioning outdoor barbecues, a sunset glass of wine on the patio, trying new recipes in the kitchen, more physical activity and a lighter, more laid-back vibe inside.

While these lifestyle shifts can feel intuitive, you might be wondering exactly how they translate into the interior design of your home.

Color, materials and a kitchen refresh are my my top summer transformation tips.

To be clear, aligning your home with the season doesn't have to mean spending money buying all new stuff or doing a complete re-design.

It's more like swapping out your spring wardrobe for your summer clothes – you likely already have a good amount of summer stuff, but there may be a few key things you want to add this year.

Same goes for your home.

In today's post I share the exact colors, materials and kitchen shifts I recommend for the summer season and teach you the easy-to-implement principle I use to figure out what makes our homes feel and function their best this time of year.

No matter your design style, make sure to download the free 1-page Summer Design Guide that puts it all in writing for you.



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