Apr 18, 2018

For home renovations, you're going to read (and hopefully follow!) the usual tips you'll find in magazines and online.

Like plan ahead, find good help, insist on a detailed contract, know what you're getting yourself into, changes happen, you'll likely go over your budget and write everything down.

But, I'd also like to offer you a few of my tips for approaching the design aspect of the project.

I'd hate for you to get to the end and realize you made mistakes or wish you had done things differently.



Every design projects has it's constraints, but budget is generally the major deciding factor that determines the scale of your remodel. If you don't have a realistic handle on what your ideas are going to cost or how to distribute your budget most effectively, you can feel stuck and overwhelmed from the start. 

A lot of people want to just get going and figure out their budget as they move forward, but from experience I know it's wise to at least have a ballpark number in mind to work with.

Remodeling magazine produces an annual "Cost vs. Value" report, which determines the average cost for 21 popular remodeling projects in 149 markets along with the value those projects retain at resale in 100 U.S. markets.

It's a great, realistic starting point for determining how much an average remodel - like the one you're looking to do - will cost. You can check out the numbers in your area here.



We want to make our home truly beautiful and unique, so we spend time remodeling, decorating and making sure it feels comfortable. 

Sometimes that means we have to open our wallets and spend a pretty penny. Other times, we can save the money and hold back.

Spend strategically and don't feel that you have to replace everything all at once.

Instead of buying the chair on clearance that you feel "meh" about, hang on and save up to buy the antique leather one you really love. Even if your walls feel bare, don't just go to Target and grab a couple of framed prints that go with your sofa. Shop around - local shops, while you're travelling, online - for something that reflects you and your taste.

This process of curating what you love is what makes a house look like your home. The best rooms are the ones that feel collected and look thought-out instead of mass-produced.


One easy way to create cohesion throughout your home is to decide on an inspiration piece from the start. An inspiration piece can be an object you have that reflects the look and feel you're trying to create such as artwork, a vase, , jewelry, a scarf, a pinterest board, etc. An inspiration piece can also be a sample of material you know you want to use in the home, like the flooring or countertop.

Once you have your inspiration piece you simply relate everything back to it, making sure that all your other selections have at least one or two things in common. 

If you relate everything back to your inspiration piece the home will flow together seamlessly. 



If you've done your research, but are still not feeling confident enough or are overwhelmed by your project, consider asking a designer for help. This is a big investment in your time, energy and future and I know you want to get it right.

When full-service design isn't in the budget, I offer clients an eDesign option where I do the furniture layout plan, help the client define the overall style of the space as well as make the furniture and accessory selections that are delivered with clickable links to purchase. The clients is able to make the purchases as their time and budget allows and they put the room together themselves.

You get the benefit of professional advice, but you won't be paying someone an hourly rate to meet with contractors and shop for drawer pulls. You can learn more about the eDesign service here

Have you been through a home renovation project? What was your experience? Do you have any tips to add? Let me know in the comments below.

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