May 23, 2017

I was at the 45th Annual Kips Bay Decorator Show House in New York City last weekend.

It's a unique event in that it brings together designers from all over and allows them to transform one space in a luxury Manhattan home into an elegant exhibition of fine furnishings, art and technology - all with full creative freedom.

The only constraint is the three week time period each designer has to pull their design concept together and fully furnish the space before it opens to the public for a month-long charity event. Not an easy timeline...

In today’s post I share my first experience at a Decorator Show House and some of the photos I took so you can enjoy a bit of the experience with me.


The Kips Bay Show House began in 1973 when several dedicated supporters of the Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club launched the Kips Bay Decorator Show House to raise critical funds for much needed after school and enrichment programs for New York City children. Over the course of four decades, this project has grown into a must-see event for thousands of design enthusiasts and is renowned for sparking interior design trends throughout the world.


We're used to seeing designers' projects in magazines, on their websites and on social media. These projects are a result of a collaboration between the designer and their clients. This event is so unique because the designers have complete creative freedom to do what they do best. They're able to let their imaginations run wild and transport you to an experience of their choosing.


The whole vibe of the Kips Bay Decorator Show House was inspiring and total creative delight. There was so much to glean from each designers' space, be it a hallway or a dining room. There were modern spaces, neutral spaces, high contrast spaces, jungle-themed spaces, old world spaces, minimalist spaces, highly accessorized name it.

There was no design continuity and that was the fun part.

It reminded me that there are no limits to what you can do with design and, again, how much of an impact a space can have on the way we think, feel and operate. 

Robert A. M. Stern, one of the most well-respected design firms in the Show House this year, said, "The dialogue between client and architect is about as intimate as any conversation you can have, because when you're talking about building a house, you're talking about dreams."


Design can transport us just about anywhere and below are some images I took to help you get a sense of where this years Show House designers are taking us. Enjoy and let me know your favorite image in the comments below!


In the comments below, let me know which room or photo is your favorite.

Thank you for adding your love and your voice, and for making this little blog a fun place to land on the Internet.

If you have friends, clients or colleagues who would love getting a peek inside this years Kips Bay Decorator Show House, please share this post.

(top image by Alan Barry Photography)

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