May 02, 2018


Over the weekend, I got away for a mini-staycation in Manhattan.

Since I live in Brooklyn, there are so many hotels I've been excited to check out, but never have an excuse to since I live here.

The hotel was really nice, actually - beautiful view of the city, great decor (of course!) and fluffy pillows, but when I pulled back the covers to snuggle in for the night...


They felt like... sandpaper is too extreme, but maybe single ply toilet paper?

Whatever they were... my first thought:

"I'd rather be home in MY sheets."

Part of the Vixi design philosophy is about the art of good living -because what's the point in having a great, beautiful place if you aren't comfortable enough to really enjoy it?

Sometimes this means making upgrades in areas of your home where it matters and makes you happy.

These scratchy sheets were a tangible example of that.

I realized that - thanks to years of working on and investing in my home, I'm livin' well.

I've created a home I don't feel a "need" to escape from (even though it's not my dream home, it's a small NYC apartment).

Little upgrade by little upgrade.

Truth is - I remember the day I bought my current bed sheets.

I was in Restoration Hardware in the Flatiron district, carefully comparing prices and swatches and feeling like it was all going to be too much when it hit me:

We spend a third of our lives in our beds. Ideally.

These sheets are an investment. They play a meaningful role in how we end every day, how we start every day... the quality of sleep we get, which dictates our energy throughout every day.... WE'RE WORTH THE SPLURGE HERE.

Little upgrades.

First the sheets, then the actual quality of life.

So WHY am I telling you this?

Because if you don't currently have sheets you love sliding into every night, I want to remind you that YOU DESERVE 'EM.


Photo: Fran Parente | Design: Ryan Korban

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