Mar 28, 2018

Anyone else love the rare instance they're home alone?

I'll never forget the two years in college I lived alone (with my dog). I swear those were some of the best years of my life, having that little one bedroom apartment in Arizona all to myself was like my own slice of heaven.

Aside from the fact that it feels nice to have everything happen on my schedule and on my terms, I'm a person that gets rejuvenated from having some time alone. 

And there are certain activities I just can't seem to help doing when I have the place all to myself. Here are some of my home alone pleasures in no particular order:



I love clean sheets, sparkling windows, and an orderly kitchen just as much as the next person. It makes everything at home feel that much better.

Giving the place a good once over is generally one of the first things I do. 



I love breakfast. It's my favorite meal and I'll take any chance I can get to sneak it in twice in one day. Plus, there's the satisfaction of a quick and easy meal. Pancakes, eggs, bacon...these are the things dreams are made of over here.

New York is it's own place when it comes to food too. Even with all the options and delivery services able, cooking for myself when I'm home alone seems more complicated. It's not that I never do it, but I usually end up saying, "Better just order something. It's cheaper, easier." 

But breakfast food, it doesn't get easier than that!



Cliché, but true. I don't know what happens in my body when there's no one home, but a switch automatically gets flipped on...and before I know it I'm singing and dancing at home by myself. 



I automatically seem to make time for organizing spaces in the apartment that have gotten out of control or have just become a pain to deal with (or look at!) on a daily basis – like the catch-all tray by the front door that eventually turns into a monstrous mess of useless things (old mail, broken sunglasses, screws, business cards from people you'll never contact, unidentified chargers, etc.).

Sometimes I'll even take it into the refrigerator and pantry, line everything up and toss out anything that has expired. While I've never worked in the restaurant industry, but I think they'd like me in the kitchen ;). And god help me if I end up in the closet. I try reeeeallly hard to keep my shoes and clothes to a well-edited minimum in New York because there's no space, which always leaves me trying to give things away.



I embrace being on my own schedule. No coordinating meals or having the "so what do you want to eat for dinner?" conversation. I eat when, what and where I want, go to bed when I feel like it, watch movies more than once, stay at work later than usual, etc, etc. I get to be in the flow of my own rhythm without having to compromise. Sometime it's the little things...



Inspiration seems to rush in when I have more time to myself at home. I'll sketch new furniture layouts, visit my favorite shops online and get to little projects on my to-do list like hanging art.

As a designer I know that the best thing for a home is for it to be in a constant state of evolution. For it to always be adapting and changing to your needs, the season or the people who live there.



This can drive people in my life crazy. Moving furniture tends to freak people out. It's change. It's different from what they're used to and they usually resist. So, when I'm home alone, it's my opportunity to try different layouts without scaring anyone.

There's never just one way to design a room and I like to change things up every so often or the place starts to feel stagnant. This way, things can get messy and I can sort out what looks best in the space before I present the idea or give my loved ones anxiety.

To my credit, I always say we can return everything to exactly how it was if they live with it for a week and still don't like it. The goal isn't to make anyone uncomfortable!


So, that's the list. That's a peek into what I do when I'm home alone.

Sometimes I wonder if Frida and Diego were onto something when they had their own homes right next to one another with a bridge across connecting the two. Did they get the best of both worlds?

Your turn...what do you do when you have the whole place to yourself?

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