The 5-Step Process to Get the Look & Feel of Your Space Right Every Time

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Jamie Tafoya

// Landscape Designer

“We worked on several projects together that included high-end new builds and renovations for clients. She is a highly skilled designer with an incredible work ethic. From Day 1 she stepped into the role with a level of support, organization and professionalism that made each project we worked on together flow with more ease.”

Lynn Hollahan

// Client

“This was my husband and I's first experience using an interior designer and we couldn't be more thrilled with what Ashley has helped us accomplish. She was able to bring out our individual style and personality in the design and she knew how to make us feel comfortable with all the decisions that had to be made. We really had fun together!”

Justin Kilbane

// Architect

“It's always a win/win situation when working with Ashley. Her ideas for the design are innovative, creative, and really bring out the individual style and personality of each homeowner. She listens carefully to clients and fully understands their needs, wants and desires. We know we can count on her to keep projects on time and on budget.”

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