I'm an interior designer based in New York City.

When translated from Latin, Vixi means 'to come alive'.

Whether it be a design project, staging job or styling for a photoshoot, this is where I share what I know and learn about how to make interiors come to life with design appeal.

You're in good company with people who love design and are always working on elevating their own spaces.



In 2019 alone I’ve designed and/or staged and styled over $51 million of real estate in New York City while sharing the process (and the city) along the way.

You’ll see everything from before & afters to the design techniques I use to make projects come together.

I let you in on my success & my failures so we can develop our eye for design and interior style together.


A Culture of Beauty

A Philosophy of Good Living

A Passion for the Arts

While design wasn't my first career, it's always been my passion.

Born and raised in Scottsdale, Arizona with a family in the business of luxury home building, it was inevitable I would find my way into the industry.

After I graduated from business school I moved to Jackson Hole, WY.

I would babysit on nights and weekends to earn extra money and it gave me the opportunity to set foot in some really special places.

I’d get daily emails with job opportunities along with the location. I’d reply requesting jobs at places I wanted to see, like the Amangahni, Four Seasons and the exquisite mountain homes in the most sought after neighborhoods.

I couldn’t get enough of the stunning finishes, design and architecture.


Ever since I've been finding ways to go into homes and do my best to elevate the design.

I went back to school for interior design, then moved to New York City to be a part of a high-end commercial architectural design firm. 

As a small, talented team we designed some of the largest and most exciting commercial projects that have changed both the skyline and landscape of New York City.

I experienced collaborating with top developers, architecture firms, marketing teams, real estate agents and tradespeople in the luxury market.


Staging | Styling | Creative Direction

Now I work in the real estate world and the focus has shifted to staging and styling with some renovation and design work.

I enjoy the fast pace of these projects, getting to see my designs turn around quickly and learning how to style spaces for the camera. 

I’ve learned a lot about bringing spaces to life and presenting them on camera since my babysitting days and I share my projects here to help you do the same.


Please check out my design blog.

Every week I share project updates, tips and tricks, how-to videos and a peek into my life in New York City with the little guy who's always by my side, Cody.

I’m thrilled you’re here. And there’s lots to explore.

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