45-minute interior design consultation with Ashley online via email


Have you been saying to yourself, "I just need some advice" or I wish "I could just ask a designer for help"?

This is your opportunity to get those questions answered right in your inbox.

Solving your design dilemmas and walking you through solutions so you feel more confident about your design project is one of my favorite things to do.

Maybe you're having a tough time figuring out what to do in a tricky area of your living room and you want specific direction or you're not sure about paint colors and want help with the palette selection. 

Design Advice will be a great investment in your home if you:

  • Have ideas but you feel like you need reassurance from a professional
  • Are struggling to come up with ideas for your space
  • Have ideas, but need help implementing them
  • Have hit a road block and need a little design direction
  • Are on a tight budget and want to sort out how to best invest your money
  • Are knee deep in a renovation and need help moving forward
  • Are working on a new home and want to run material selections by a designer

Design Advice is a quick 30 minute design consultation via email (no phone calls or skype), to answer a specific question or address a particular problem you're having with your interior. 

You send me pictures and a description of what you need help with and I spend 30 minutes providing you with the best design advice possible.

While I can't design your entire space in 45 minutes, I can certainly guarantee you the professional advice you need to solve your design dilemma.

Design Advice consultations can cover topics like:

  • What to do with your blank walls
  • Finding the best way to arrange your furniture
  • Specific questions about a kitchen renovation
  • Selecting the right paint colors
  • Direction for how to create a focal point

I can't wait to see what you've got going on in your home and how I can help you.

Please note that these sessions make great content for my blog, so unless you specifically ask for your Q&A not to be shared, I retain the right to use the images and responses anonymously. If you wish for your session to remain private, please contact me at [email protected] to receive the alternate rate.