44 Tiny Tweaks That Make A Huge Difference In Your Home

If you've ever looked around your home and thought, "I want to make some changes so badly, but I just don't have the time or money"...

I hear you!

When you take a hard look at your space and get excited about making some changes it can lead to throwing in the towel, fast.

But here’s the deal: you honestly don’t have to spend a ton of time OR money to make shifts in your space.

In fact, so much of the look and feel of your home is made up of small details you can easily tweak to make a big difference. 

To get you going I'm sharing 44 tiny tweaks I've gathered that will make an impact in your home. And many of them are free (or close to it!).

Take those feelings of overwhelm and discouragement and turn them into fuel for small shifts you can make today. 

  1. Change out the artwork on your walls.
  2. Replace your lampshades.
  3. Re-style a bookshelf and books.
  4. Style books on your coffee table without their book jackets for a new look. You could leave it open to a page that inspires you.
  5. Create a vanity space for yourself and organize your make-up and jewelry in a pleasing way.
  6. Put something you love out on display.
  7. Rethink your bar cart. Bar carts should be more than just a functional place for bottles of liquor and cocktail glasses—use yours to tell a story. Incorporate interesting details that speak to you; they’ll make guests want to linger and maybe enjoy another round.
  8. Change your switch plates. They are generally white or a pale neutral, but it's easy to match them closer to your paint, take a risk with color, try lucite or add in metal.
  9. Change your front doorknob. 
  10. Update your house numbers.
  11. Change your lighting. You could swap out a pendant or paint your table lamp. Make sure you have the right bulbs in each room. Choosing soft white bulbs and adding a dimmer can make a big difference, too. 
  12. Line your drawers or bookcases with wallpaper. It can seem like a risk to put it on your walls, but you can have fun with it by lining the back of your bookshelves, your dresser drawers or the inside of a small cabinet. 
  13. Change Your Faucets. Whether you visit your local salvage yard, resale website or a big box store, it's easier than ever to find beautiful faucets you can use to upgrade your bath and kitchen sinks.
  14. Re-style your coffee table.
  15. Add a textured pillow or blanket. Texture adds interest and gives your space a more layered, cozy look.
  16. Get fresh flowers or branches and arrange them around the house. 
  17. Fold or roll your towels in a pleasing way.
  18. Straighten up your nightstand.
  19. Find a fun and beautiful way to display your jewelry
  20. Reorganize your dresser drawers.
  21. Sweep, vacuum and/or dust underneath your bed.
  22. Edit out 5 items from your closet that you no longer use or love.
  23. Replace any dead light bulbs.
  24. Clean out your fridge: inside (toss old food) and outside (remove outdated notes, pictures, reminders, etc.)
  25. Empty and organize your junk drawer or catchall dish.
  26. Organize your Tupperware.
  27. Clean out your pantry. Get rid of outdated items and organize what's on the shelves in a thoughtful, easy-to-use way.
  28. Sort through your pens and get rid of the ugly, chewed, broken, or dead ones.
  29. Toss/recycle old junk mail and old bills.
  30. Throw out any old, worn dish towels.
  31. Add an essential oil diffuser. Add a lavender sachet to your lingerie drawer.
  32. Arrange flowers in a surprising spot like your powder bathroom or nightstand.
  33. Paint one wall a fresh color.
  34. Place unscented dish soap in your kitchen.
  35. Fluff your sofa cushions and see if you need new throw pillows.
  36. Dial in your music. Make a playlist for dinner time, set-up a record player, or just put something on to set the mood.
  37. Change your doorbell chime.
  38. Add a soft rug and put it by the side of your bed so your feet touch something luxurious first thing in the morning.
  39. Get a space heater for chilly rooms.
  40. Add a throw blanket to your sofa or accent chair. Another option would be to place a basket of cozy blankets and throws within arms reach.
  41. Spray a bit of lavender essential oil on your pillow before bed.
  42. Make a basket for guests with shampoo, conditioner, a razor, a water bottle, etc.
  43. Replace branded bottles of soap with refillable dispensers that go with your decor.
  44. Wipe down your baseboards. 


There are some pretty simple tips in this list, right? 
Do you feel motivated to tackle any of these?
Anything you would add?

Wishing you a beautiful week.


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44 Tiny Tweaks That Make A Huge Difference In Your Home

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