5 Inexpensive Home Decor Upgrades For Your Daily Routines

5 Inexpensive Home Decor Upgrades for Your Daily Routines

Now is the perfect time to make a few small, easy and inexpensive upgrades to your routines at home.

We get so familiar with the way things are and the way we carry out our routines, we almost forget they could (and should) improve over time.

It's something you'll notice, use and appreciate daily, so it's worth the small amount of time and energy.

Also, if you're ever going through something or having a down day, a house or re-styling project can be a perfect outlet for doing something with the energy.

It helps you process emotions without dwelling on them them and can pull you out of a funk. It keeps your mind occupied and engages your creativity, which transforms the intense energy you're feeling into something positive.
To me, this is a form of self care and an act of love, with the side benefits of creating function and beauty.
Today I'm sharing five small upgrades you can make at home to improve your daily routines. These small upgrades will take your place to a new level of luxurious comfort and bring some new energy to your day-to-day.
They're all inexpensive and most of them are so simple they can be done within a few minutes.
Sometimes it's the small things, right?


This is a daily or multiple times a day task for the devices we use constantly. Unless you live in a high-end home that has usb outlets in the wall and hidden charging stations inside drawers and that pop out of countertops, you have to use wall chargers and wireless chargers.
The first step is to make sure there's a charger in all the places you need one – no more carrying one from room to room.
The next step is to swap out the old chargers for white low profile ones where the usb ports are on the bottom, making the cords drape nicely so they take up less space.
The white makes them blend seamlessly with my white walls and backsplash in the kitchen and bathroom. It's great they aren't as much of an eye sore and it feels more organized. I like these wall chargers and this wireless charging tray on Amazon.


Invest in soap dispensers for key areas around the house where you see them and use them everyday. If you have two soap dispensers next to each other, make sure they are matching. This eliminates the branding, differing colors of the soap and different shapes of the bottles, which elevates the appearance to something that's more calming and pleasing to the eye. Slipping a tray underneath them takes it up another notch. 
These are three great modern options on Amazon: Option 1, Option 2, Option 3.


We often think to add beautiful candles and accessories, but no official art. You could easily repurpose something you already have or shop for something new. I love framing beautiful cards I've picked up while traveling. Here's a link to the framed cheetah print on Amazon.


It's time. Swap out the pieces on the surface and clean out the inside. Most people will never see the inside, except you, but something about a good nightstand clean just feels so good. As you look to add items back to the surface, ask yourself what you really need and will use to support your nighttime routine. Whenever I have the opportunity to do something like a luxury boutique hotel, I do. The bedside carafe seems so fancy, but if you're like me and sleep with water by your bed every night, it's really a functional piece that you use and interact with every day.


Vitamins and supplements are one of those things we don't really know where to store. Do they belong in the kitchen or in the bathroom?  On the counter or in a drawer? The answer is somewhere that's easily accessible that syncs up with your morning and evening routines. The first step is to take them all out, sort, combine duplicate bottles and toss out of date bottles. I find clear plastic bins that can be labeled by person or type of usage to be the best solution for storage utility, like these.


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