Use This Method to Reset & Re-Style Your Living Room

Use This Method to Reset & Re-Style Your Living Room

Right now the spotlight is on your living room and I'm sharing a 6-step process you can use to give it a simple reset.

You'll want to do this living room reset for a handful of reasons:

  1. It's a clear way to elevate your design style
  2. It'll prepare you for the next season
  3. You'll benefit from the effects of decluttering
  4. You'll end up loving your space more and will see it in a new light

When you don't reset the main living space in your house every so often things build up, like scum in the shower.

It gets lived in it for a while and the coffee table became a catchall, you're tired of looking at the same pictures on display, candles need replacing, the coffee tables books are piled high and the room just doesn't look as good as it used to.

In short, the room feels stale, disorganized and like it doesn't represent you anymore.

But a reset is easy. It'll put your room back in order again, elevate the way it feels and even redefine your design style. It'll also give you a place to showcase what you're into now and practice some simple styling.

Here's how it works:

You're going to temporarily strip down your living room to the absolute bare minimum, then slowly bring back objects you want, need and LOVE.

You can do it at anytime and at any pace.

Let's go!

You'll want to begin with 3 things, a box/bin to store decor items, a giveaway bag/box and something to toss away trash. 

Walk around the room clearing away decor, books, candles, magazines, pictures and other objects from your surfaces, and perhaps some from you walls too. Get it to the bare minimum.

Streamline blankets and pillows down to what's essential.

Store away the decor. Take out the trash. Drop off the give away items.

Live with things as a blank slate for at least a week. Resist the impulse to put things back right away. Give your room space to breathe. Give yourself time to dream and get creative. You might find yourself shifting around furniture, further cleaning our drawers and coming up with new ideas for the room. 

After at least a week, grab the box of decor you stored away. Collect other items around the house. Begin to layer in items you love and feel interested in now. Trust your gut in how you put the room back together.

If you want to put everything back exactly where it was, go for it. But more than likely, you’ll have fresh clarity on what items are your favorite things, you'll add in new items that inspire you and will have a better sense for what feels like a good balance in terms on number of things on display.

The goal is to make sure everything in your living room is a piece you intentionally chose to be there. You can always use items in another room or store them for use down the road. 


You'll end up with a revitalized space, you'll have honed in on what design style suits you now and you'll have a major sense of peace from the organization and decluttering.

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