Office Tour: Minimalistic & Edgy Tribeca Entertainment Office

Today business gets personal. 

You're going to see an office tour that'll make you want to build your own empire just so you can set up shop in a space like this one. 

But instead of taking the business route to get there, I'm going to show you six ways you can take inspiration from the look and feel of this office and translate it into your own home.

Located in a large industrial building in Tribeca, entertainment industry executive and producer of Lip Sync Battle, Casey Patterson worked with Kara Mann (one of my favorite designers!) to gut renovate and re-imagine the space.

Together they created something with an impeccable balance of sophistication and edge. 

Scroll down and enjoy a peek at Casey Patterson's office and I'll see you on the other side with six ideas for bringing this minimalistic and edgy look home.


An ivory-and-black palette is a sophisticated backdrop you can easily add pops of color to, like the moss-colored sofa or blush-hued chairs they selected for the space.


Everyone wants their home to reflect their taste and personality and the best spaces do it subtly.

Being clever and artful about how you inject personality into the space allows people to get a taste who you and your family are without overwhelming their senses or making them feel uncomfortable. 

Case in point, "We wanted to incorporate our work and what we've done into the space without it feeling kitschy," explains Patterson. A prime example of this: the glass reception desk in the entranceway, which resembles a set of speakers. "It was actually Chrissy Teigen's DJ booth on the Lip Sync Battle set," says Patterson. Beyond that, visitors in the office may not even be able to distinguish other personally meaningful items from the rest of the decor, but they are part of what creates the ethos of the office.


In a sea of options for artwork make sure to choose pieces that make you happy, make you feel something and connect you with your home. Don't settle for anything less!

For example, in the office there's artwork by Peter Yang, who works on Lip Sync Battle, including a portrait of Patterson's production partner, Jimmy Fallon.

Of course Kara Mann took things to another level in one of the common areas with a picture taken by photographer Mason Poole of Jay-Z and Beyonce during their On The Run tour.

She took a photograph that was meaningful to her client and pulled design elements from the artwork and incorporated them into the space. "They're sitting at a diner and at a banquette that looks just like ours and it's just one of my favorite photographs of all time. I just love it," says Patterson.


All the seating arrangements in the office promote conversation, connection and collaboration. You'll see banquette seating, community tables, counter seating around an island, several nest seating arrangements with comfy sofas and chairs and an open floor plan.


If you can, find local treasures to accessorize your space. The big box stores will always be there to fall back on, but you'll often find more unique items of better quality in a local shop.

All the accessories in the office came from The Line in New York.


Even if a Moet & Chandon vending machine, which dispenses mini-bottles of champagne and silver straws isn't in your budget, find an easy and fun way to celebrate on the fly (and regularly!) at home. I mean, what's the point in all this if we don't take the time to stop and take it all in along the way?

Thank you so much for being here and reading. You’re a treasured part of this community.

Did something inspire you from this office tour?

Sending enormous amounts love and appreciation your way.


Source: Architectural Digest | Design: Kara Mann | Photography: Richard Powers


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