Your Ultimate Guide For Spring: Get Your Home, Lifestyle & Kitchen Spring-Ready

Spring Design Guide for Home, Lifestyle & Kitchen

I made a free Spring Design Guide for you. Download your copy here.

I know it may not be beach weather quite yet, but snow is melting, flowers are sprouting, trees are greening... and it's time to get your house ready for spring!

You can feel spring is a natural time of growth both inside and out. It's a chance to clean any buildup that's accumulated over the winter months, hit the reset button and make space for the new.

While these lifestyle shifts can feel intuitive, you might be wondering exactly how they translate into your home.

It's like swapping out your winter wardrobe for your spring clothes – you likely already have a good amount of spring items, but there may be a few key things you want to add this year.

In today's post I share a simple guide to help style your home, clarify your priorities, sync your lifestyle & align your kitchen towards vitality and beauty this spring.

In it you'll find:

  • 3 keywords that will keep your home, lifestyle & kitchen aligned & balanced

  • A Spring Goals worksheet to clarify your priorities + refocus your attention

  • Styling tips, scents, flowers and decor that will get your home spring-ready

  • Lifestyle tips to sync your natural rhythms

  • The exact in-season foods & flavors to stock in your kitchen to keep you healthy, warm & refreshed

  • Links to some of my favorite recipes for you to try

It combines timeless principles of well-being with interior design techniques to create a home environment that supports your health, growth and evolving needs of daily life.

By aligning first with yourself and then the spring season, you'll see immediate results in the way you feel and function at home.

Dive right in and download the free Spring Design Guide by clicking here.



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