23 Jan

A Free Giveaway for One Lucky Duck

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I know there's a lot of you out there with the determination to make a positive change in your diet & lifestyle this year.

I also know that the 3-Day Detox will get you off the ground and running with your goals.
29 Nov

You Are What You Eat

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Cooks, Caretakers, Yogis & Entrepreneurs. Hear this: You are what you eat.
Want to experience the power of using food to heal?
Want to break out of the viscous "take a pill for every ill" cycle?
Curious to know if the food you're preparing has a good effect of those you feed it to?
20 Aug

The 10 Commandments of Conscious Marketing

in body & wellness
Are you one of those people who hates marketing?

Because it's seems sleazy. Becasue the models in the ads aren't real, they're photoshopped. Because they don't care about you, they care about the money. Because big business are playing with your mind - making you believe you need something you don't.
09 Aug

What Seasoned Yogis Know That Beginners Don't.

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Know what immediately comes to most peoples' mind when the word Yoga is mentioned? They think of a physical practice for stretching and reducing stress.

Yeah, it’s true that those are two very positive benefits of practicing yoga. BUT the physical movements are actually only a very small part of Yoga and a relatively recent development in the whole scheme of things.

01 Aug

What is Ayurveda?

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Here are a few keywords that come up in Ayurveda over and over:
Using food as medicine. Preventative medicine. Five elements. Getting in tune with nature's rhythm. Body tissues. Bodily Channels. Digestion. Bodily systems. Cleansing. Relationships. Meditation. Tastes. Energy. Seasons.